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The Hub’s inaugural sculpture prize was a stunning success with nearly 50 entries. Jen Diver, the driver behind the event said: ‘I was thrilled with quality and diversity of entries, how well they worked together. It was a fabulous use of the space’. Thanks to our sponsors Community Bank Maldon & District, our two guest judges Kareen Anchen (Director Cascade Art Maldon) and Sam Deal (sculptor), and all the entrants and visitors.

First prize winner was Catherine O’Leary for her beautiful piece ‘Turn sideways into the light and disappear’; the emerging artist prize went to Indija Mahjoeddin for ‘Muat’; the People’s Choice prize winner was Larissa Gray for ‘Storm brewing’. Both Jim Roberts and Larissa Grey were highly commended by the judges.

Here is what the judges said:

First Prize is awarded to the sculpture ‘Turn sideways into the light and disappear’ by Catherine O’Leary which exhibits the qualities of ingenuity and a fresh point of view. The artist developed an idea in sculptural form and the outcome is a very creative response to the theme.

O’Leary has manipulated the tactile material of felt, in particular the craft of wet felt and transformed the craft into an art form – it’s very impressive!

As a 3-dimensional sculptural artwork, it offers us another way of looking at sculpture.

It is something we both agreed we had not ever seen before. It is an arresting piece of work and displays great skill and creativity. It also responds to the theme and concerns of the prize very well.

The Emerging Artist Prize has been awarded to the sculpture “MUAT” by Indija Mahjoeddin, which is intriguing, a small ceramic quiet work. When you go a little deeper and really look into this piece, there is something going on. There is a narrative and as Sam said “the artist has really let go and just gone for it” But you do have to look.

It also presents like a sculptural book, enhancing this idea of an internal dialogue, but you have to read into this piece. It is addressing the concerns of self-reflection and humanity through sculpture.


Jim Roberts

“Every stone is a microcosm of it’s world” is a formal abstract sculpture. The artist has used 3-4 commercially available materials and transformed these into a quietly contemplative artwork. The artist demonstrates his concern for the environment and the effect the passing of time has over the materials he has chosen to use. There is mutability and inevitability about the surface and longevity of the object itself. It will change by the weathering effects of nature.

Larissa Gray

We felt ‘Storm Brewing’ a unique cast bronze by Larissa Gray is an exceptional sculpture. It has the ‘over and above extra magic’ and thus Highly Commended.

Capturing the movement of wind blowing through the clothes on a ye olde clothesline; is very considered and brilliantly executed. The minutiae details are also very clever, especially the pegs! This piece also addresses the concerns of the prize quite adequately whilst still making exceptional and aesthetically pleasing artwork. Storm Brewing won the People’s Choice Award.

Thanks to the Community Bank Maldon & District for sponsoring this event.