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Bernard Slattery
Bronwyn Silver
David Tatnall
Patrick Kavanagh

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Some moments pass too quickly, some things are too small for the eye to catch, some too ‘ordinary’ to be noticed. Photography helps us fix them in the mind, invites us to feel their unique weight.

Patrick Kavanagh, Bronwyn Silver, Bernard Slattery and David Tatnall invite us to redirect our gaze at the ordinary and the fleeting in the Box-Ironbark region.

Patrick Kavanagh says of the photograph that heads this page: ‘I am so often amazed and moved by the natural wonders that surround me … the vastness of the night sky shown in this image … with  my camera, I try to hold onto some of these extraordinary glimpses and share them.’

The Nature in Time photographers invite you to come to the Arts Hub and take a closer look!

Opening event: join the artists on Sunday 6 March 10:30am.

About the photographers:

Bernard Slattery: Ten years ago I took a photo of some wildflowers. It was terrible, but accidentally the camera picked up some strikingly interesting moss in the foreground. That photo introduced me to the wonderful world of bryophytes. That’s when I realised photography can reveal things even an attentive look can miss: a good picture carries a surprise, something in the frame you didn’t expect to be there. That ‘good picture’ is rare, but the search for it is what makes me go out with the camera.

Patrick Kavanagh: I live in the woodlands of Central Victoria, where I am so often amazed and moved by the natural wonders that surround me. The vastness of the night sky, the magic of a small bird safe to come so close, the other-worldly grace of an insect, the purity of refraction in a dew drop on a moss. With my camera, I try to hold onto some of these extraordinary glimpses and to share them.
Flickr: flickr.com/photos/patrick_k59

Bronwyn Silver: My interest in nature photography began through observing native plants in the bush reserve that surrounds my Walmer home where I have lived since the 1990s. Later I explored many areas of our local Box-Ironbark forests taking macro and landscape photos for social media, art exhibitions and documentary style photos for several local nature books.

David Tatnall: David Tatnall has been making fine art photographs in Australia since the mid 1970s. He has worked professionally as a fine art photographer since the mid 1980s. His passion is photographing the land using a large format film camera.

David Tatnall’s photographs have been collected by The National Gallery of Victoria, The State Library of Victoria, Monash Gallery of Art, Australian Embassy in Washington USA, RMIT University Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam as well as many regional art galleries in Australia. David has visited this area many times and had an exhibition at the Castlemaine Art Gallery in 2003: Seeing The Forest And The Trees.

He has been awarded a lifetime achievement award for ‘an outstanding contribution to nature conservation in Victoria through photography’.

Website: http://davidtatnall.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/david_tatnall_photography/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/davidtatnall