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The garden is born. Between the growers, the diggers, the planters, the fencers – we now have a baby garden. Thanks to everyone who has helped.

It will need loving care over summer, and a carers roster is being planned. Email Prue if you can help.

Thanks to our growing list of garden sponsors: we really value your time, energy, creativity.

To those who nurtured plants and then came to help plant: Lyn Grocke, Janet Barker, Frances Cincotta, Pam Connell, Julia Robinson, Beth Higgins, Suzie Smith, Prue McAdam, Dawn Hartney, Deb Butler, Liz Sardone.

To the others who dug, planted and fenced: Alex Whitlock, Bronwen Algate, Bronwyn Silver, Chris Johnston, Chrisanne Blennerhasset, Damien Kingsbury, Dean Smith, Deb Wardle, Geoff Park, Gillian Frances, Gordon Dowell, Grace McCaughey, Ken Collins, Lee Shelden, Liz Butler, Megan Ballinger, Melinda Smith, Milton Moss, Patrick Kavanagh, Saide Grey, Sally Roadknight, Shana Rowe.

And those who sponsored the semi-mature trees: Genevieve Barlow, Geoff and Mary Park, Julie Patey, and the Enviroshop (Frank Forster)