Exhibition: Weekends

Sat 1 – Sun 23 June, 10am-4pm.

Gallery 2 & 3

Free. All welcome.

Artist: Lawrence Winder

Tripartite…works in mediums various!

Lawrence Winder’s Figurative Sculptures range from 1/3 life to full size.  Influenced by French C19th artists Jules Dalou and Edgar Degas, “Constructivist” sculptors of the “Dada” period and Asian culture, particularly Kabuki dance and Japanese architectural space. Lawrence has created a beautiful exhibition of sculpture in three parts.

Words from the artist:

An engaging presence and inhabiting their space are key for these works and the ancient Egyptian phrase, “…he who
keeps alive.” meaning: sculptor, should provide a resonance.
All are from clay models and cast in resin then given a bronze or rusted iron patina.
The two years of training for the “Certificate of Art”, concentrated dance training and early
theatrical performance work demonstrated the most formative lessons for me. I like making stuff. I loved building our home and after years in theatre and photography
felt a real need to return to art school.
It was a positive and creative eruption with the added bonus of re-discovering the quiet
satisfaction of making figurative work as well as mixed media construction.