Opening: Sat 3 Sept. 2-3.30pm
Weekends: Sat & Sun, 3-25 Sept, 10am-4pm.
All welcome


Loris Button
Anne Langdon
James Pasakos
Dianne Longley
Barbara Semler
Marte Newcombe
Deborah Klein
Jan Palethorpe
Susan Clarke
Leonie Auhl
Robyn Gibson
Jackie Gorring
Marie Mason
Emma Stoneman
Penny Peckham
Diana Orinda Burns
Melissa Proposch
Catherine Pilgrim

Bringing nature inside

The Printmakers’ Garden of Imagination is an exhibition of prints by Goldfields Printmakers that conjure a multiplicity of ideas, from our experiences of gardens and nature; it could be the evocative aromas and nurturing shapes and textures of bush and forest walks, the contemplative nature of maintaining a garden large or small, gardens of botanical diversity, or the enjoyment of potted plants in the studio.

Experience printmaking for yourself: join in one or more of the print-making workshops at the Hub during September. Book on our website.


‘The Printmakers’ Garden of Imagination’ exhibition has been conceived by The Goldfields Printmakers group. Formed in 2012, this collective of twenty-five printmakers have produced an exhibition of 30-40 prints, showing concurrently at the Impact 12 international printmaking conference in Bristol, UK and at the Newstead Arts Hub, Victoria.