Fri, Sat, Sun 10am-4pm. 5-27 August, 2023
Exhibition opening: Sun 6 August 2pm
All Welcome
Artists from Studio Baxter

Visit the Hub during August to experience an exhibition of artwork by the students of Richard Baxter at StudioBaxter.

Richard Baxter is a professional artist and photographer from Central Victoria who teaches at StudioBaxter in the The Mill, Castlemaine.

With his students, Richard is curating our August exhibition.  Preview some of the artists and their works below.

Describing his approach to teaching at StudioBaxter, Richard Baxter says:

‘My ethos when teaching is to first establish what the student’s true passion is, and then help them toward that goal by immediately starting that project, rather than starting with dry and boring exercises. I don’t believe there is such a thing as ‘talent’ but that all skills can be learned, and the results are a matter of work and patience, not tricks or talent. Observation is the key, and what people are usually bad at is not a skill, but at conscious observation. My goal as a visual teacher is not just to increase technical skills, but primarily to increase conscious visual awareness. Once observation comes  together with learned practical skills, the student is free to do whatever they want’.