4-19 Dec, 2021
Sat & Sun, 10am-4pm

OPENING: Sat 4 Dec, 2-4pm. All welcome.

COVID Safe Plan in place

The artists in ReEmerge are:

Angie Izard

Belinda Prest

Bob Clutterbuck

Bridget Farmer

Bronwyn Silver

Carol Porter

Cathy Tobin

Chris Johnston

Chrisanne Blennerhasset

David Golightly

Dianne Longley

Geoff Park

Julie Patey

Lee Shelden

Linda Newton

Maritsa Gronda

Mary Caspar

Milton Moss

Patrick Kavanagh

Penny Peckham

Prue McAdam

Rhyll Plant

Richard Sullivan

Saide Gray

Sally Roadknight

Sandra Tobias

Sarah Koschak

Selina Wilson

Tegwen Prest

Tony Day

Yoshi Machida

Creativity emerges from lockdown

Newstead is coming together in a wonderful exhibition of artists who have exhibited and had workshops at the Newstead Arts Hub in the past 3 years.

It is a celebration of creativity and life re affirming faith in the future and a statement of community after the long disruptions and uncertainties around COVID.

More than 30 artists will be on the walls of the Arts Hub in Newstead.  This beautiful historic building is the perfect place to show the work and the changes that people will notice in the last year. Our stunning garden continues to grow, and our new branding now graces our signs and flags.

Come and enjoy our last exhibition for 2021. It’s your Arts Hub!