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Connecting Volunteers with Opportunities at Newstead Arts Hub

Our expanded Winters program starting in June is action packed with something for everyone, from musical concerts, storytelling, writing and craft workshops, a market, a 150 year birthday celebration for the Railway Station and more. To run all these events, we need people to put their hands up and muck in with us.  We want to establish teams for each event. With roles such as;

  • Event point person – alongside a committee member for support, act as a coordinator for the event liaising with the artist(s) or presenters and other volunteers
  • Front & back of house – set up the venue & equipment, pack down & clean up
  • Kitchen – food purchase and preparation
  • Bar – Serving/selling food and beverages. 

All you have to do is pick an event (or two) and email the NAH at and tell us what you want to do.

Also, please do let us know if you happen to have RSA – Responsible Serving of Alcohol or Food Handling certifications.  

Come join our merry crew of helpers to spread some sunshine this Winter at NAH! 

[Image credit: camylla-battani-AoqgGAqrLpU-unsplash]