David Aumann: Stringed Instruments

David began building guitars in the 1980s and since retiring in 2012, it’s become his main interest. To date he’s made around 200 ukuleles, 40 guitars and 20 mandolins, exhibiting at the Melbourne Guitar Makers Festival, Adelaide International Guitar Festival, Deloraine String Festival (Tas), Redlands Folk Festival (Qld) and many small music festivals. David will have steel string guitars and ukuleles on show.
Contact: daumann@optusnet.com.au 
0423 773 191.

Jack Spira: Guitars, Bouzouki

Jack Spira is a London trained guitar maker of some 30 years’ experience. He specialises in steel string flat top guitars and related instruments such as tenor guitar and Irish bouzouki. Located in Boolarra, Gippsland Victoria. Contact: www.jackspiraguitars.com,
0417 725 621.

Joe Gallacher: Guitars, mandolins, Irish Bouzoukis

Joe Gallacher has been building guitars, mandolins and Irish bouzoukis in Albury NSW since 1989.  Influenced by British and American builders he has developed his own sound in acoustic guitars, built with a wide range of tonewoods. Joe has recently been building instruments from 100% reclaimed timber with excellent results. Contact: www.gallacherguitars.comjoegallacherguitars@gmail.com
0408 519 459.

Phil Carson Crickmore: Carson Crickmore Guitars

Phil Carson Crickmore is a well-known instrument maker who lives and works in Castlemaine in central Victoria. Phil is refining his building techniques constantly to build world class steel string, classical and archtop guitars and runs a limited number of Master Classes in guitar making each year.

Today Phil creates guitars for those who appreciate the difference between hand-built world class guitars compared to factory made guitars. Contact: www.carson-crickmoreguitars.com.au, pccguitars@gmail.com 0412 098 924.

Roderick Octigan: Guitars

Roderick is a boutique builder based in the East of Melbourne.  Each instrument he creates is crafted by hand with absolute attention to detail. Using both Australian and imported tone woods, he specialises in acoustic arch tops and caters for the discerning musician who is very particular about tone, responsiveness, feel and playability of the instrument. His commitment to both the aesthetic and sonic quality of each guitar, combined with his love of creating them, means hundreds of hours are spent on each instrument and only two or three are completed each year. Contact: www.octiganguitars.com,
0417 054 327.

Geoff Doube: Guitars

Sadly Geoff has had to withdraw. Geoff is a kiwi living in Melbourne and crafting guitars using Australian and New Zealand responsibly-sourced timbers as well as recycled, reclaimed and salvaged wood. Contact: geoff@doubeguitars.com
0449 002 798.

Greg McKinnon: Brookwood Guitars

There is one rule for cigar box guitars and that is “there ain’t no rules”. So you build ‘em how you like, string ‘em how you like and play ‘em how you like. Australian hardwoods are his speciality, and he aims to use reclaimed timbers whenever possible. Greg’s guitars are three and four string, open tuned. Look out for his steampunk range.
Contactgreg@brookwood.biz 0417 306 720.

Jeff Wilmott: Clay Ocarinas

Jeff has been making ceramics for decades, combining this with a love of playing guitar and other instruments, including the gum leaf. In 1987 Jeff started making and playing ocarinas – small clay flutes – combining his love of pottery and folk music. Jeff also teaches guitar, fiddle, mandolin, didgeridoo and the gum leaf. Contact: 0418 723 542.

Mark Aspland: Woodskin – Percussion instruments

Mark, inventor of the Woodskin™ KiKBox® Cajon has significantly advanced the traditional cajon, extending its use to a wide variety of musical genres and players. With patented built-in pedal driven kick and snare, switchable snare plus tone & depth controls it offers unparalleled versatility with a uniquely crisp and powerful sound. Contact: www.woodskin.com, mark@woodskin.com, 0419 162 540.

Ray Black: Banjos & Mandolins

A banjo or mandolin made by Ray Black is prized by musicians who have taken advantage of Ray’s forty years of experience and experimentation as a luthier. His 5 string and tenor banjos feature hardware fabricated and machined in his workshop; a range of tone rings, woods and finishes create the tone and look you want. His mandolins are built using hand carved Adirondack Spruce tops with Red Maple sides, backs, and necks. Contactfwcfarmer@yahoo.com
0423 230 213.

Patrick McNamara

Patrick McNamara is a retired fine furniture maker of 40 years who started instrument making around 15 years ago. Patrick primarily works with Victorian blackwood, satin box and reclaimed timbers. His ukuleles and hollow body electric guitars are played by his daughter, local songwriter Holly McNamara and local musician Ange Lawson. Patrick also makes dulcimers, banjos and banjo ukuleles.

Contact: pjmcn7@gmail.com, 0411 989 362.

Music and makers at the Hub

Sat & Sun 21-22 January 10am-5pm, Mon 23 Jan 10am-3pm
A special event as part of Newstead Live

The Hub will host a brilliant array of musical instrument makers during Newstead Live 2023. A chance to see and hear some of the most skillfully crafted instruments around, and to talk to the makers about their craft.

Ten instrument makers will be there during the festival: guitar makers Jack Spira, Phil Carson-Crickmore, Roderick Octigan; David Aumann – ukuleles, guitars, mandolins; Greg McKinnon – cigar box guitars; Ray Black – banjos & mandolins; Joe Gallacher – guitars, mandolins & Irish bouzoukis; Patrick McNamara – ukuleles, hollow body electric guitars, dulcimers, banjos, banjo ukuleles; Mark Aspland– Cajon percussion; and Jeff Wilmott, clay ocarinas.

Come over to the Hub for our Made & Played performances each day at the to hear Newstead Live performers showcase the qualities of these fabulous instruments. Instrument makers and friends will also be playing – check out the full blackboard schedule at the Hub or our Facebook page for updates.

Scheduled Made & Played sessions:

  • Sat 1:00-1:30: Ernest Aines plays Cajon made by Mark Aspland
  • Sat 3:00-3:30: James Rigby plays a mandolin made by Ray Black
  • Sun 11:00-11:30: Robbie Melville plays a Phil Carson Crickmore guitar
  • Sun 1:15-1:45: Justin Bernasconi plays a Roderick Octigan guitar
  • Mon 11:00-11:30: Mandy Connell plays a Jack Spira guitar

While at the Hub enjoy a delicious coffee from the Coffee Peddlers Café; Sat & Sun afternoons, the Hub will be serving local wine and beer.

Jump on the Festival bus and cruise over to the Hub during Newstead Live: Sat 21 & Sun 22 Jan, 10am-5pm, and Mon 23 Jan 10am-3pm. Free, all welcome, gold coin donation welcome.