New dates: Exhibition now open on Sat-Sun 5 & 6 June, 10am-4pm, COVID restrictions permitting.

Sun 6 June 2021, 4pm

  • Bridget Farmer
  • Rhyll Plant

Art Most Fowl is a celebration of both printmaking and imagery inspired by the natural world. The appreciation for the ephemeral nature of birds unites two artists exploring, in Bridget’s case drypoint engraving, while Rhyll depicts her subjects as wood engravings and nature prints.

About the artists:

Bridget Farmer

Birds have come to symbolise a sense of place for me. I grew up in Northern Ireland and moved to Australia in 2005. The differences in the birdlife between these two places is stark. Since arriving here, my exploration and study of the new birdlife around me, through my printmaking, has helped ground me in my new home. Also, it was during my first year in Australia that I discovered printmaking, so for me, printmaking and birdlife have always naturally gone hand in hand.

Rhyll Plant

Birds have inspired my artworks from the seaside gulls, penguins and shearwaters of my youth to the melodious magpies and raucous parrots of my Central Victorian landscape.

I borrow their feathered likeness in my traditionally rendered wood engravings exploring, for example, collective nouns such as ‘Layers of Chooks’ or ‘A Rustle of Crows.’

Sometimes I simply print their feathers.