Menagerie: Tegan Wheeldon & Laura Gibbs

Menagerie is an exhibition of new works by Tegan Wheeldon and Laura Gibbs. The artists utilize methods of printmaking and painting to explore their interest in the natural world, with particular focus on avians and insects. Gibbs’ birds, finely painted in watercolour, are drawn from her immediate environment; the vast countryside and lakes of northern Victoria. Wheeldon utilizes techniques of frottage and relief printing to explore a fusion of insect and textile in her mandala-esque compositions. Together these artists weave a menagerie of feathers and antennae, beaks and mandibles, within the exhibition space.

Laura GIBBS, Dove 2018, pencil and watercolour on paper, 21 x 29cm.

Tegan WHEELDON, Beetle 2018, relief print on paper, 19 x 26cm.

Saturday 22 September – Sunday 14 October
Exhibition opening event: 2-4pm, Saturday 22 September

Exhibition hours: 10am – 3pm Friday, Saturday & Sunday


Live in Newstead? Love our town? It’s Time to VOTE



Wasteland to Wellspring – A vibrant sculptural garden to inspire our community and the arts

Help fund our vision for a beautiful garden entry to the Newstead Railway Arts Hub precinct: the Station building and Goods Shed. Our project will improve parking and access, create spaces for: activities, celebrations, quiet spots to sit, sculptures, garden ‘galleries’ and more. Look at the garden design we want to implement through Pick My Project funding and then please VOTE!

The Pick My Project funding is based on the number of votes – see reverse side on how to vote for Wasteland to Wellspring. Voting closes Monday 17 September at 5pm. See How to Vote below – but if you need help come to our stall at the Community Market on Sat 15 Sept at Rotunda Park, to find out more about our project and vote on the spot!


  • Go to the Pick My Project website ( and register your name and contact details.
  • Select the local community you want to vote in – choose Newstead. You can vote in any local community. Pick My Project will show you projects within 50km. You can create a short list of between 3 and 6 projects. Wasteland to Wellspring is our project – please pick it!
  • You have three votes and you need to vote for three projects. You can’t give three votes to the one project. And each vote is equal.
  • When you vote, you will need to provide your mobile phone number and then submit the 4-digit number you receive via your mobile phone. This verifies that only Victorians can vote.
  • Once your vote is in you can’t change it, so take your time!
  • And then share who you have voted for via social media.

No internet, email or mobile phone? This is how you can vote.

  • Call the Pick My Project team (1800 797 818) and they will help you vote.
  • First you need to have decided that Newstead is your local community and picked your 3 favourite projects – include Wasteland to Wellspring.
  • Or if you have an email but no mobile phone you can register at Pick My Project, choose your three favourites and then call 1800 797 818 and they will complete the final verification step for you.

Share the love – get others to vote!

Invite your neighbours, friends and relatives to vote for our project. They can vote for projects in Newstead and surrounds no matter where they live in Victoria.

Need help? Call Geoff 0418 138 632 or Chris 5476 2457

Need to know more about the project, our funding submission etc? Check out our webpage

Wasteland to Wellspring … Pick our Project!

We need you to vote for our Newstead project. Funding will go to the projects that get the most votes. There are around 150 projects across our region seeking funding (and 2500 across the state), so there is a lot of competition! You can vote for three different projects.  Voting closes at 5pm Monday 17 Sept 2018. Read our guide to voting below.


Pick My Project is a new State government funding initiative. During June-July, Victorians were invited to propose a project that would benefit their community. Voting is now open on more than 2500 projects across Victoria.

The Newstead Railway Arts Hub project – Wasteland to Wellspring – proposes to create a vibrant sculptural garden at the Arts Hub to inspire our community and the arts. With the recent news from VicTrack and the Arts Salon on the restoration of the goods shed and conversion into arts-based workshops, this garden would convert the ‘wasteland’ around the station into a creative and beautiful entry to the precinct.

Now our community needs to vote to demonstrate that they are really behind the project. And, as we explain below, any Victorians over 16 can vote – so please ask your friends, relatives, colleagues – no matter where they live – to vote for our project.

Wasteland to Wellspring: a community art garden for Newstead’s Arts Hub

With VicTrack support, we now have a lovingly restored and well-used railway station building, but the surroundings remain an uninviting wasteland; muddy in winter, hot and unshaded in summer, inaccessible for wheelchairs and prams. Now, with lots of community input and working with the talented design team of Cassia and Anna Read, and a dedicated working group, we have created a garden design to inspire and connect our community. Funding through Pick My Project will enable us to realise our vision.

The design includes spaces for community celebration, cultural activities and quiet reflection. The garden will honour the many layers of our history – as Dja Dja Wurrung country through to today. And the garden will be a welcoming entry for locals and visitors alike into the evolving arts precinct at our railway station.

How to vote

The simple steps to voting are:

  • First register at – you’ll need to register your name and contact details.
  • Then, put your pin at the centre of Newstead, and look at the projects in our region. Wasteland to Wellspring is our project – please pick this one!
  • You can create a short list of up to 6 projects as you look around at the different projects in our region.
  • You need to vote for three projects, and you can’t give your three votes to the one project. Each vote is equal.
  • Then, when you are ready, you can vote for three projects. Once your vote is in you can’t change it, so take your time!

Invite your neighbours, friends and relative to vote for our project as well. They can vote for projects in Newstead and our region no matter where they live in Victoria.

And if you need help to register or vote, please let us know as we want to make sure everyone in our community can vote on this great project: Call Geoff on 0418 138 632 or Chris on 5476 2457 and we will help you lodge your vote in another way.

A wonderful launch of ‘Earthbody’

‘Earthbody’ was beautifully launched last Sunday at the Arts Hub with a large and appreciative crowd in attendance.

Here is a lovely note from Ros Hart about her response to the event and the works.

Congratulations on a wonderful, wonder-filled art exhibition and a very enjoyable launch yesterday. I think this my favourite of all art exhibitions I have been to at the Arts Hub. I loved Belinda Prest’s work especially (wish I had $$$ to spare). Her work took me right back to my younger self when I was a jillaroo, out all day in the highlands of Victoria, looking across beautiful vistas which mending fences and attending to livestock.

My favourite of your lyrical pieces, (Saide), is the weaving in the second room. I loved the flow of the white through the burnt oranges and browns, underscoring the delicate and minimalist placed pieces pf your beloved found vegetation. 

Ann Berg’s room was stunning too – reminded me of aboriginal dreaming. I could feel Ann’s heart in her work. Warm and powerful. …. 

I loved the floaty ethereal, otherworldliness, dreamy quality of Chrisanne Blennerhassett’s work. It was full of heart. 

Please pass onto your fellow artists my thanks and gratitude for the hard and heartfelt work you all do to bring insight, reflection and beauty into our world. Thank you from Ros.

Note: This Exhibition, EarthBody, is open all weekends in August from 11am – 5pm. Viewers and visitors are most welcome.

If any of the Friends of Newstead Railway ArtsHub would like to spend some time during August weekends assisting with minding the ARtsHub or joining in Words in Winter events please feel free to find out more at

Or contact us by email:

Or by phone

0419 543 667 text is fine.

EarthBody … coming in August to the Hub

Five women artists with a deep concern for the environment, each bringing a unique expression of subtle ecological variation to the project.

Aiming to promote connection (social and environmental) the Newstead Arts Hub exhibition will reflect the landscape, its beauty, historical significance, and conservation. Environmental talks and workshops will stimulate ecological conversation and connection to place.

Collaboration with Words in Winter will diversify a unique community project highlighting a multiplicity of artistic mediums including assemblages of natural materials, painting, printmaking and sculpture.

Each artist expresses connection to place and the earth using nature as subject and medium.


Drawing and Painting at the ARTSHUB

Art Classes are being offered in July to September by well-known Newstead resident and recently retired Tafe teacher Julie Patey.

The intention of the class is to provide a relaxed and open atmosphere, conducive to the complex nature of the age group, while at the same time emphasising the learning of new skills.

Classes start Thursday 19th July – September 13th  (10 -2 pm)

$80 per session (max 10 students)

Contact Julie 0408528536

Bookings through TRYBOOKING


  1. Drawing from Still Life Pencil Coffee Pots cups etc Combine with transfer image
  2. Drawing with Coloured Pencil Illustration techniques with aquarelles on smooth thick paper/tea-towels
  3. Drawing with Pastels How to blend/how to grind/ how to apply
  4. Automatism and Mono-printing Exploring Surrealists
  5. Portrait Painting with water colours
  6. Small studies of old masters with acrylic paint/oil paint
  7. Abstraction Colour Harmonies
  8. Expressive line drawing Functional objects


Tiny Towns Art Trail: Newstead

The Arts Hub will be presenting a group exhibition ‘Trails of Thought’ as part of Tiny Towns Art Trail. The exhibition will feature the work of 15 local artists and makers from Newstead and surrounding districts. There will be a diversity of works on display: photography, printmaking, ceramics, painting, drawing and mixed media.

Join us at the official opening where you can meet the artists – all welcome!
2-4pm, Sunday 22nd April 2018
8a Tivey St, Newstead

The exhibition is open weekends – 10am to 4pm
14-15, 21-22 and 28-29 of April 2018


Artists include: 
Ann Berg, Bob Clutterbuck, Chris Johnston, Chrisanne Blennerhassett, David Golightly, Geoff Park, Georgina Duckett, Janet Barker
, Julie Patey, Lee Shelden, 
Michelle Day, Prue McAdam
, Richard Sullivan, Sally Roadknight and Sarah Koschak

Contact: Julie 0408 528 536



Nominations are open to join the Arts Hub committee of management

The Newstead Railway Arts Hub is calling for nominations for the appointment of a new committee of management for 2018- 2019

We are keen to attract individuals to the committee who have a wide range of skills including: grant writing, social media and marketing experience, business planning expertise, people who are good facilitators, and have community organisational skills. It’s an ambitious ‘wish list’ but we have some exciting projects planned for the coming years.

You don’t necessarily need to live in Newstead either: we are interested in reaching out to nearby towns and seeing how the Arts Hub can be of benefit to nearby communities.

What’s the next step:
If you, or someone you know would like to be involved, please download a nomination form from the website

or contact Julie Patey:
Nomination forms also available from the Newstead RTC

Nominations close 5pm, Monday the 19th of March.

Invitation to Meet the Producers

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 5.13.31 PM

As you may be aware, the Regional Centre for Culture in 2018 is an initiative of the Victorian Government in partnership with the Dja Dja Wurrung Aboriginal Clans Corporation, Central Goldfields Shire, City of Greater Bendigo, Hepburn Shire and Mount Alexander Shire.

Our job as Producers of the Regional Centre for Culture (RCC) program for 2018 is to facilitate and support existing events as well as creating some one-off events for the enjoyment of visitors and locals alike in each of the Shires over the course of 2018. Our research around Mount Alexander Shire has identified Newstead as the perfect location to host a celebratory event and to date we have conducted several meetings to begin working out details of what this shape this event may take.

We have planned two blocks of time in early December as we would like to hear and discuss your ideas about how individuals and groups of artists and community groups might like to engage with this one-off event. (And don’t worry, this isn’t a callout for volunteers!)

• 1:30 – 3:00 pm on Friday, December 8 at Newstead Railway Arts Hub
• 10:30 – 11:30 am on Saturday, December 9 at Dig Cafe 


Water is an important focus for communities in Mount Alexander Shire, providing welcome respite from the dry inland climate.

“Waterhole” will take place over an afternoon and evening on March 3, 2018. Appealing to all ages, it will feature the breadth of performers and art forms for which Mount Alexander (and particularly Newstead) is renowned.

The Newstead Swimming Pool is identified as holding a special place in the hearts of residents as a location for to recreation, learning, exercise and rehabilitation, and a place for social gathering and connection.

Elements of the event might include activities such as lilo races, karaoke movie
performance, dancing, exhibition of visual arts, craft, and other fun activities suitable for toddlers, young families, teenagers and the rest! However we are very keen to hear ideas from artists who live in Newstead about how they may like to be involved. Please do make a time or drop in while we’re working at the Hub or else any other time. We can all be contacted on or leave a message at 03 5416 1038.

With best wishes and hope to meet you at one of the meetings on December 8th or 9th.

Jo Porter & Elizabeth Walsh, RCC 2018 Producers