Sat 6 Feb 2021

Open Fri, Sat & Sun 10am-4pm


Sun 28 Feb 2021

  • Judith Warnest
  • Pamela Isaacs

“Unfolding Breath”, an exhibition of contemporary thought in practice and making.

Visitors are invited to experience a series of micro events which consist of a variety of cross disciplinary practices that touch on visual, spatial and temporal cues.

 Regional artists – Pamela Isaacs and Judith Warnest – share a passion for creative visual and material practice that sits beside their hunger for a deeper understanding of the influences and thoughts that drive contemporary practice. Installation of a series of works at the Arts Hub will seek to convey a discourse through material and abstract arrangement to emphasise the connections between process, imagination and expression.

Parts of this show will continue to fold outward and inwards through the month of February to an end that may not necessarily be entirely what it started out to be.

Opening event: Saturday 13th Feb 2pm – 4pm
Artists in Conversation: Friday 19th Feb 6-8pm
Closing event: Saturday 27th Feb 2 to 4pm.

All Welcome. Free.

Artist Statement – Judith Warnest
My work considers the role of maker and viewer, but then primarily examines the body that experiences, as a site for tentativeness. In that capacity, the work evolves through considered surveying and contemplation of the scope of potential that the site, a body and the relationships between the two might afford. An exercise in mindfulness that takes in the breath of the medium (architecture) and an exhalation as expression of thought material and process. I invite the visitor to participate in this event of mindfulness and expression.

Using the concept of “architecture as the medium”, everything is considered. Positive and negative spaces, surfaces and textures, Internal and external space, planes and crevices. All are considered as potential sites to which our various senses might be drawn, be engaged or distracted.

Materials that mirror those found within architecture have qualities of transparency, opacity, reflective and porous surfaces are found, recycled, altered to the artist’s speculative purpose. Images captured from these experimental processes might be printed, mounted, hung or projected back onto the architecture and or materials in a folding of visual thinking, design and process.

The experimental approach will lead the work to develop through the month of February.  A tentative experimentation that will keep the artist, the work and the viewer in a constant state of flux of thought, vision and sensation that alters with a shifting array of information and questioning. What might the viewer or visitor take with them beyond the experience of the event.

Artist Statement – Pamela Isaacs
My art practice explores processes of folding, unfolding and enfolding involved in change, growth, genesis and decay, an aspect of the interconnected world. Folding and unfolding create connections among the multiplicity of interconnections. These processes are driven by forces such as plasticity, extension and contraction, expansion and intensification or compression. They create intricately interlinked textures as well as more smooth and flowing surfaces.

The fold is also a registering of potential, enfolded in any structure, and speaks of yet to emerge possibilities, extending from organic and inorganic matter to non-human and human beings, to the inner realm of the human psyche.

In my creative research I am exploring folds and folding/unfolding through an engagement with various materials and creative practices including printmaking and craft-based processes of sewing, using the textural and sculptural possibilities of fabric, and as well exploring the potentialities of paper as a folded medium.

As an artist I am aware of my sense of connectedness to the materials I work with, their sensate powers, their tactility and texture. My work draws on this force of sensation, which activates an inner awareness and sensibility, which in everyday life becomes clouded by the habitual. Visual and tactile responses to materials can awaken this sensibility both for the artist/maker and for the viewer.