Create your own workshop or class

We’d love to create just the class or workshop for you! Or offer you a space to meet with others and share a book, craft, talk and more. But first we need to know what you’d love to learn or explore: please complete our super-quick survey.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking about possibilities:

  • Maybe there’s a local artist you’d like to learn from?
  • A workshop that’s offered online that you’d like to share with a group of like-minded locals?
  • An activity that needs a home – a space to meet and craft together perhaps?
  • A class every week or month – singing, a musical instrument, crochet?
  • A peer learning circle: want to talk about a topic together – no need for a tutor, just a space?
  • Tapping into online talks run at other venues – with a group of locals rather than at home alone?
  • A book group or writing group?

Please click to complete our super-quick survey!

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