Opens Fri 2 April 7-10pm
Then weekends 10am-4pm thru April

Sun 25 April 2021

  • Vincent Casey
  • Kaori Fujimoto
  • Greg Hatton
  • Katie Marx
  • Jessie Stanley

A group exhibition exploring the poetics of form: from the tiniest particles of dust; to hand-built clay forms; and assemblages capturing forms in movement, growth & decay.

Artists: Vincent Casey, Kaori Fujimoto, Greg Hatton, Katie Marx, Jessie Stanley.

Opening night celebration: Friday 2 April, 7-10pm. Join us for an evening of celebration with music, projections, and a tipple. DJ Ali T (Shake Appeal, 94.9 Maine FM). Wine, beer and soft drinks available (cash donation).

About the artists:

Vincent Casey is a designer/artist based in Newstead (Victoria) creating laser-cut timber and acrylic geometric assemblages. His work aims to capture a snapshot of forms in movement, all the while hiding and revealing various stages of transformation. The work actively engages with instability, exploring the boundaries of vision and perception.

Kaori Fujimoto was born and raised in Japan, and now works primarily with clay from her home studio in Vaughan (Victoria). Her round objects are hand-built, without the use of moulds, and each contain locally found pebbles creating subtle soothing sounds like bells. Bells are considered to bring good luck and drive away misfortune in Japanese culture. Her interest in Shinto philosophy is one of her core inspirations and often navigates her through her creative process.

Greg Hatton and Katie Marx restored the old Newstead Butter factory (Victoria) for their home and as an event space. Landscape design and construction, furniture-making and building are some of the things Greg has been doing in his spare time and since moving into the old Butter factory eleven years ago. Katie draws on her background in floristry to create installations with native fauna. Her work features seasonal and sustainable material to create large centrepieces, room dressings, sets for photo-shoots for a diverse range of clients – from event planners and stylists as well as private clients.

Jessie Stanley is a visual artist and designer based in Vaughan (Victoria). Through typography, mapping, projection, and narrative, Stanley creates ephemeral works about place that contextualise our human experience within deep time and interstellar space. With a minimalist and poetic sensibility, her works consider the sublime context of our environment. Through her creative process, Jessie embraces the congruence of art in public space and graphic design as platforms for communication and connection.