Weekends Sat 2 – Sun 24 March, 10am-4pm


Free Cyanotype demonstration Sun 17 March 11am

Come and see how Kaye Dixon creates beautiful cyanotype images

All welcome

Artists: Kaye Dixon, Jane Wells, Margund Sallowsky

Explore the mystic, the uncanny & the dark corners.

Mysterious Landscapes explores shared artistic connections to nature, myths and the imaginary realms. Join the three artists – Kaye Dixon, Jane Wells and Margund Sallowsky – to discover the mystic, the uncanny and the dark corners of the world we inhabit through a powerful combination of photography, printmaking, and sculpture.  



Kaye Dixon combines painting, photography, and the alchemy of cyanotype to present prints and sculptures on the theme of Bone Women: Re-membering the Journey Home.

Jane Wells presents sculptural figures constructed from found items and other materials on the theme Internal worlds.

Margund Sallowsky’s work, Iceland from the Air is a series of landscape and aerial images shot from a helicopter, offers abstracted landscapes accompanied by audio stories and sagas from Icelandic mythology.