Sat 1 – Sun 23 June, 10am-4pm

Gallery 1.

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Kylie Cuthbertson

Jody Galvin

A reimagining of a creature and coral wonderland.

Just below the surface is a reimagining of a creature and coral wonderland by artists Jody Galvin & Kylie Cuthbertson. Be immersed in their world of colour and delight.

Words from the Artists

Jody Galvin:

These works are inspired by my love of snorkelling and 100’s of hours spent in tropical waters observing colour explosions and other worldly life. Floating just below the surface is akin to a dreamscape environment, a feeling of flying and freedom that allows my imagination endless possibilities.

Combining abstract painting/line drawing on paper with wire crochet & knitting, I hope to capture the balance between the bold and delicate creations that Mother Nature has given us. 

Kylie Cuthbertson:

Taking your art into a new direction can be scary, after years of creating works on canvas I was looking for something to explore that was more tactile but still embracing my love of colour. With a small basket of wool I found at home my creative process began not knowing what would eventuate. 

Many weeks later I had a glorious pile of fluffy colour and bringing it all together my mind immediately went to coral, life, oceans and all manner of wonderful things that can be found just below the surface.