Sat 9 Jan 2021

Weekends 10am-4pm


Sun 31 Jan 2021

  • Lee Shelden

A retrospective of drawings by Lee Shelden

Artist statement:
“My work is generated primarily by the need for quiet, solitary spaces in a world where we are bombarded by noise and busyness. Colour pencil with its fineness and immediacy allows an intimacy that I hope to contain in the drawings. I focus on small, simple, everyday things: there is drama and mystery in the way the light changes the folds in a piece of fabric; warmth remains in a tattered moth’s wing.

At an early age I was seduced by fabric with its varying textures, weights and colours. Tertiary studies began with fashion design at RMIT. Ten years later while studying visual arts at the Gippsland Institute, fabric increasingly became my subject matter. Forty years on, it remains important.

For the last twenty-four years I have been working from a small studio on the edge of the bush at Clydesdale.”