4th Friday of each month

Afternoon session: 1pm-5pm

Evening session: 6.00-8.30pm

Stay for both sessions, or just one. Bring food for dinner if staying into the evening.

Supported through an RTC Community Grant

Coordinated in 2024 by
Leni Shilton,
Laurel Freeland,
Paula Durance,
Chris Johnston

Get writing in company

Do you sometimes wish you had others around when you write? To keep you motivated or focused? Provide quiet company? Share in the solidarity of the joy (or chore) of writing?

Well wait no longer! Come along to the Hub Writers Group and be part of our informal monthly ‘shut up and write’ sessions on the 4th Friday of every month at the Newstead Arts Hub.

From March 2024 onwards, the group will hold an afternoon writing session from 1-5pm, and then an evening session from 6.00-8.30pm. Between the two sessions, there will be a chance to talk about writing (including sharing some of your own writing if you wish). Please bring along whatever food you’d like to eat: the Hub has a well-equipped kitchen.

Our writing sessions seek to create a shared space for quiet focused writing as well as a chance to catch up with other writers during scheduled breaks. Writers participating are working on poetry, novels, creative non-fiction, children’s literature, essays and more. No need to book: just turn up (at 1pm or whenever you can get there) with your writing gear – notebook, tablet, laptop – and get going. There are tables and chairs ready to go at the Hub plus coffee, tea and herbals available.

In case you like to plan the whole year in your diary, here are our 2024 Friday dates: 22 March, 26 April, 24 May, 28 June, 26 July, 23 August, 27 September, 25 October, 22 November, 20 December.

All welcome, look forward to seeing you there. Gold coin or note donation.

Header image: Matt Artz, Unsplash.com