5-27 February, 2022
Sat & Sun, 10am-4pm

Free. All welcome.
COVID Safe Plan in place

Come and contribute your lockdown reflections

Facing lockdown at the front gate

How are our communities to function under the pressures of lockdowns and the resulting anxiety and uncertainty? During one of the 2021 lockdowns, faced with such questions, Revd. Darcy Vaughan went visiting along the Loddon River from Inglewood to Newstead to see how people were holding up.

Each visit resulted in a photo at the front gate, a figurative representation of one the strange ways we had to keep apart to keep safe. At each socially-distanced catch up, each person was asked to share their reflections on the theme ‘homesick’.

For some, ‘homesick’, stirred fond memories of a time when travel was easier. For others, ‘homesick’ stirred a thankfulness to be home safe. For many, homesickness was avoided as long as a loved one was nearby. And for others still, ‘homesick’ was better said ‘sick of home’ and brought out a widely shared frustration.

Homesick is a culmination of these visits, a collection of images and words which serve as a contemporary historic record of this shared experience.

You are invited to come and reflect further on your experience of these last two years, to contribute your own perspective on this time, and to be part of considering how we might continue to support and care for one another through times of isolation.