Sat 4 – Sun 26 May, 10am-4pm

Free. All welcome.

Opening celebration: Sat 4 May 2.00pm

Local artist Kynan Sutherland will open the show

Artist: Jim Roberts

Central Australia: forming, folding and shaping

Every stone is a mini world in itself. It has its own landscape. Though small, it reflects a bigger picture.

Come along to see this stunning exhibition by acclaimed local sculptor Jim Roberts.

The sole stimulus for Jim’s work is the natural world, particularly that of Central Australia. He is taken by the forms and shapes left behind by geological uplifts, rocky outcrops and erosion.

From the artist “I see a parallel between the weathering of the ancient core of Australia by water, wind and sun and the reductive carving process undertaken by a sculptor. I like to think the shaping of the geological world has shaped my work.”

In his practice, Jim spends much of his time sifting through dry creek beds looking for satisfying shapes and lines in pebbles and wood.  Often these small elements represent much bigger landscapes and landforms.  In this exhibition,  he has used round and oval shapes as a means of framing some of these small elements.


Jim Roberts has been sculpting for 35 years. He started carving wood (a hangover from a childhood habit of whittling) before moving onto stone. Now Jim uses stone and wood to depict the forms and shapes of the Australian landscape made by geological uplifts, rocky outcrops and erosion.

We are delighted to have this exhibition by a master sculptor at the Hub. Come and share in the wonder of Jim’s beautiful work.