The Arts Hub is closed due to COVID-19 restrictions, but our artists are still making beautiful work. We are delighted to offer this online Artist Market: each week we will add new artists.

Featured artists for Week 4: Angie Izard, ceramics & Julia Patey mixed-media.

On our Artist Market: Kate Borradaile, Cherryl Fyffe, Sarah Koschak, Prue McAdam, Libby Noblet, Marcela Olea, Richard Sullivan, Selina Wilson.

Each week we are adding more artists – please support them by sharing this page and purchasing their work.

You can purchase any of these art pieces by contacting the artist directly. They will arrange the best delivery option with you.

Angie Izard


Angie is inspired by the play of light and shadow, the movement of clouds, rusted iron, peeling paint – these fleeting moments reveal perfection in imperfection. Her wheel-thrown stoneware ceramics, made in her home studio on 20 acres of bush just outside Daylesford, provide a canvas upon which to express these glimpses.

Contact Angie to purchase any of her ceramics. She can arrange delivery (pack & post is extra).
P: 0490 379 967
Instagram: angieizardcermamics

Julie Patey

Mixed media

Julie Patey is best known for her response to landscape in the area around Cairn Curran in Central Victoria. Julie uses memory to create tactile textural expressions of the land using collagraphs and mixed media.

Contact Julie to purchase any of these works.
Instagram: @julie_patey__artist

Kate Borradaile


At Beautiful Wasteland Kate hand crafts botanically-dyed silk and merino wool scarves and garments. Kate says: ‘I gather leaves, flowers and vegetable matter from wild spaces or my dye garden. These are arranged on raw textiles, bundled around salvaged metal and simmered. Unwrapping reveals a unique piece of wearable art.’

Contact Kate to purchase her Eco-printed scarves and clothing, download “Eco-printing on Paper” or to book into a 1-on-1 workshop.

P: 0423 041 277
Instagram: @beautifulwastelandcreate
Facebook: The Beautiful Wasteland

Cherryl Fyffe


After working as a printmaker and mixed media artist, I now create cold connection mixed metal jewellery pieces.

My latest work is blending various metals, opals, beach glass, and found objects and making medieval, bohemian style unique wearable statements. I like showcasing some opals which I’ve mined, cut and polished in casual funky settings.

Contact Cherryl to purchase any of her pieces. Postage costs will be added to the price.

Sarah Koschak


I create functional, wheel-thrown porcelain ceramics, bringing handcrafted beauty to everyday life. Objects bring ritual and honouring to our lives. It’s our relationship to objects that interests me; they occupy space in our homes and cradle memories and stories. My studio is based in Newstead, 10 minutes from Castlemaine.

Contact Sarah to purchase any of her featured ceramics:
P: 0419322681
Instagram: @sarahkoschak_ceramics, Facebook:

Prue McAdam


My work is primarily inspired by places in Australia where I’ve camped, both hinterland and coastal.
My joy as a painter lies in playing with colour, line and form until I spy a relationship emerging between these marks and the thoughts and feelings I’m experiencing. I love the mystery: often I have no idea what will evolve.

Contact Prue to purchase her work. All works displayed are ready to hang.
P: 0428 391 707
Instagram: pruemcadam_painter

Libby Noblet

Screen prints

Hand screen prints on cotton or cotton/ linen, using a combination of hand cut and photographic stencils.

These prints are loosely based on recollections from my childhood in the 70s in my home town Quambatook: the Annual Rose and Dahlia Show, weekend sporting events and significant community celebrations. The magpies and the cockies were always there and I love seeing them in central Victoria, watching and warbling away, bringing beauty, colour and a touch of nostalgia to everyday. My mum loved gardening and home decoration, constantly redecorating our home: this influence in my work is ever present.

Libby works from her backyard studio in Bendigo. Contact Libby for more information or to purchase her work. Libby says that each piece is displayed with custom made hangers and these are included in the price. Postage is extra.
P: 0498 223 762
Instagram: @libbynoblet1

Marcela Olea


My artmaking process is guided and inspired by moments that stand out for me.  Within this spontaneous and playful way of working I immerse myself in the flow of a piece which can take on any number of shapes, forms and meanings.  I am always excited to see what emerges.

Contact Marcela for more information or to purchase any of her artworks:
P: 0433 394 784
Instagram: @creativecels
Twitter: @creativecels

Richard Sullivan


My work focuses on places – where I live at Strangways (Central Victoria), Central Australia, anywhere where land meets/met water. As Wendell Berry said: There are no unsacred places; there are only sacred places and desecrated places. I draw, make prints, artist books and mixed media pieces.

Contact Richard for more information or purchase his art works. All prints are one of a kind.
P: 0456 240 884
Instagram: @curlyhill2

Selina Wilson

Mixed media

Colour, beauty and fun are my primary sources of inspiration. I explore these themes across a broad range of media including acrylic paint, resin, inks, teacups, cloth and paper.

In response to C-19 and wishing to spread some joy and distraction I started a YouTube channel. I would love you to join me: subscription is free!

Contact Selina to purchase any of her art works.  
P: 0400 546 290
Instagram: selina_wilson_art

Diane Thompson


Diane’s work looks at the iconic symbol of sheep on country. The importance of the ‘Golden Fleece’ on colonial economic development was profound but for many First Nation peoples their way of life was sacrificed for the sheep’s grazing land. Diane’s work reinterprets this form in a new sustainable, harmonious world. 

Contact Diane for more information or to purchase any of her artworks:
P: 0421 510 017
Instagram: dianethompson61

Carol de Graauw

Jewellery & Ceramics

Carol creates jewellery from a range of materials, including silver, bronze, cloisonné enamelling and resin. She is inspired by nature, architecture and found objects. Carol also work with clay, creating functional and decorative pieces.

Contact Carol for more information or to purchase any of her artworks:
P: 0412519846
Facebook: De Graauw Designs
Instagram: degraauwdesigns
Studio visits by appointment.