The Nature of Colour

Explore the diverse colours and forms of nature in this exhibition through different media: painting, photography and eco printing.

Exhibition dates: 8 February – 1 March 2020. Hours: 10am to 3pm Saturdays and Sundays.

Be part of the exhibition – join the artists at the launch.

Learn more about the four exhibiting artists – Milton Moss, Craig Gaston, Kate Borradaile, Ange Westcott – and their passions for the nature of colour and colour in nature below.

Milton MossArtist
Milton’s love of painting Australian landscapes and colourful world dress designs are captured in his collection of paintings.

Craig GastonPhotographer
Living in Barkers Creek for 7 years now. Mostly I photograph my evening views while walking around my garden and through my local bush. I love light and shade, the finer details. These visual moments give me life, I feel blessed as I record this feast. The beauty of the natural world can be so easily missed … please do take those moments, the world is far better when we appreciate our environment.

Kate Borradaile – Eco Print : Kate’s love of photography, nature, colour and holistic living drew her into the world of eco-printing like a moth to a flame. It didn’t take long to be completely cocooned in the beautiful depths of this process.

The Beautiful Wasteland way: a curious sense of ‘not knowing’ and a release from the pressure of defined outcomes.  Eco-printing together with photography offers meaning beyond words and continues to teach me ways to relate to the natural world.

Ange Westcott – Photographer
Born in the city, found life in the bush! Photographer, Bush Walker, Happy Wanderer.

Since moving to the central Goldfields 8 years ago, I have found myself needing to record the stunning beauty of her ever-changing canvasses! From abandoned mine shafts to rusty old jalopies, the greedy history of this area takes on a new growing beauty as nature works to reclaim her territory using algae, lichens, bacteria and of course plant life itself!